senseofrelief (senseofrelief) wrote in love_the_oc,


1. Name. Kaitie
2. Why you like the OC? It's extremely addictive. I've been watching it sence the Pilot and I love it. The writing is amazing and while half of the time, any normal person can't relate, but there are those times when I look at the screen and just think 'Totally.' The music is great, too.
3. Favorite character and why. Seth Cohen - definitely. He listens to the best music, has the best quotes, is extremely, unbelievably attractive, and he knows how to make a girl swoon.
4. Favorite Episode. The Heartbreak. Seth's speech to Summer is so sweet and we see a whole lot of him with no clothes on. Mmm... Eh, anyways, it's a wonderful episode.
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